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  • Abner Ruiz

How To Choose Home Exterior Paint Colors

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

When selecting an exterior color for your house it is important to keep in mind different factors that will affect the final look. Here are some tips and suggestions that will help you with your decision.

There are three elements to consider when selecting exterior colors: the main color, which is often called the body of the house, the trim color and accent colors.

The main color

Choosing the body or main color is the foundation to selecting the rest of the colors of the house. Look around your neighborhood to get an idea of what color combinations appeal to you. The neutral color and white tones have been very popular the last few years. Select a color that also compliments the surrounding of the house. Consider the natural vegetation. Also, consider any exterior masonry that you may have.

The trim color

The exterior trim, which includes the windows and doors, are often painted white. This is not for all cases, but white trim colors tend to outline the house beautifully.

The last few years dark trim color such as the Sherwin Williams Tricorn black has been popular as well.

The accent color

The accent colors are typically used on shutters and front doors. Porch ceilings can also be considered as accent.

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